Videos - Syria opposition strike unity deal
KMC » 9pm - Nov 11, 2012
Syrian opposition groups have agreed to form a a single coalition, unified against the country's president Bashar al-Assad. Disparate groups, meeting in Doha, have been under pressure to work together in order to secure international support. Fighters on the ground, who have been feeling excluded, will now have a voice, according to prominent dissident from the Syrian National Council Burhan Ghalioun/ "Behind this agreement, there's real strong support for the rebels so that we can resolve our battle with this deadly and destructive system within a short time," he said. The new umbrella group will be called the Syrian National Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Forces. However, not all opposition factions are at the summit in Qatar's capital, so their approval is pending. In addition, there is still the key detail of who will be the head the new body. Published on Nov 11, 2012 by Euronews
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