Videos - Coal to Foreclosures: Bank of America Protest
KMC » 9am - May 9, 2012
From Coal to Foreclosures, Bank of America Faces Protest at Charlotte Shareholders Meeting:Occupy Wall Street protesters, environmental activists, and struggling homeowners are among hundreds protesting Bank of America's annual shareholder meeting today in Charlotte. They are calling attention to the bank's involvement in the financial crisis, its support for the coal industry and its long record of alleged foreclosure abuses. The protest marks a test run for activism targeting September's Democratic National Convention, which will be held in Charlotte. The city recently enacted broad police powers to stop and search anyone carrying a backpack, purse or briefcase with the intent to conceal anything on a long list of prohibited items, ranging from weapons to markers to bicycle helmets. We're joined by Rebecca Tarbotton, executive director of Rainforest Action Network, which is calling on Bank of America, the largest financier of the coal industry, to transition its investments out of coal and toward energy efficiency and renewable energy. We also speak with Rachel LaForest, executive director of Right to the City Alliance, a national coalition of community groups organizing around foreclosure that is bringing roughly 175 residents to Charlotte who have been evicted by Bank of America. Published on May 9, 2012 by democracynow
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