Videos - OWS Civil Disobedience Action: Peoples Gong
KMC » 8am - Apr 30, 2012
A civil disobedience action highlighting the NYPD's arbitrary enforcement of rules associated with sidewalk usage followed by scumbags hosing down the sidewalk after the action took place. A history of the action, and the peoples gong: Spring Training is a 7-week series of Friday afternoon exercises developed by the Occupy Wall Street Direct Action Work Group to improve communication, coordination, and build team spirit in marches leading up to May Day. The weekly exercises culminate in the Peoples Gong in front of the New York Stock Exchange, an action designed to raise the voices of the 99% in contrast to the NYSE's closing bell representing the 1%. The NYPD's have responded to each week's action by restricting access to the cobblestone street; a street closed to vehicular traffic since September 2001 "for security reasons", but open to pedestrians. The barricades have grown more extensive since April 13, 2012 and have triggered the first arrests associated with the Gong, the police and the City have in essence created a situation which they are clearly at fault. On April 20 and April 27--in solidarity with occupiers sheltering on the steps of Federal Hall--people engaged in civil disobedience to bring to fore the NYPD's arbitrary enforcement of rules in association with sidewalk usage. The video shows the action, the police response, and maintenance personnel hosing down the sidewalk where the action took place. NOTE: After I left the area I was informed that somebody was arrested for sitting on a bench where the action had taken place. I do not have that video unfortunately. Watch videos of previous ows peoples gongs, the police barricade setup, and the police response to demonstrators during those prior weeks. March 30 (week 3) April 13 (week 5) April 20 (week 6) Published on Apr 30, 2012 by NewYorkRawVideos
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