Videos - As Unions, Students Join Occupy Wall Street, Are We Witnessing Growth of a New Movement?
KMC » 4am - Oct 5, 2011
Uploaded by democracynow on 5 Oct 2011 - As the Occupy Wall Street protest enters its twentieth day, New York City's most powerful unions are set to march today from City Hall to the movement's encampment in the Financial District. The demonstration will be bolstered by the walkout of potentially thousands of students at major public universities in New York City where tuition rates are on the rise. Meanwhile, similar "occupation" movements are springing up in cities around the country. On Tuesday, the Greater Boston Labor Council, representing 154 unions with 90,000 workers, supported the Occupy Boston encampment for shining "a spotlight on the imbalance of power in our nation and the role that Wall Street has played in devastating our economy." Democracy Now! hosts a discussion about whether the Occupy Wall Street movement is sparking a diverse, grassroots movement for economic change. Interviewed is Kai Wright, contributor to The Nation magazine and editorial director of, where he wrote "Here's to Occupying Wall Street! (If Only That Were Actually Happening)." We also speak with Arun Gupta, an editor with of The Indypendent, and of "The Occupied Wall Street Journal," a newspaper affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement, where he published an article titled: The Revolution Begins at Home.
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