Videos - Secret talks in Afghanistan with Afghan & Pakistan Governments and the Taliban
KMC » 7am - Oct 5, 2010
From: AlJazeeraEnglish | 04 October 2010 In Afghanistan there's been a secret meeting involving the Afghan government, the Pakistani government and the Taliban. No one would say just what was on the agenda for this conference...but we were told each delegate was here in a personal capacity and not representing his own government. However, this group tells its own story - on the left the former Taliban ambassador to Pakistan Mullah Zaeef - next to him the deputy spokesman for the Afghan Parliament Mirwais Yasini and next to him the President's own cousin Hikmat Karzai who runs a policy research centre here in Kabul... In an Al Jazeera exclusive, let's cross over to Sue Turton, who's live in Kabul.
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