Videos - china; Chinese protests spread 156 dead & over 1400 arrests july 7
KMC » 9am - Jul 7, 2009 Last Updated: Monday, July 6, 2009 10:48 PM ET CBC News The Chinese government blocked access to cellular service and internet sites Monday, the second day of deadly rioting between government forces and members of the ethnic Uighur minority in the northwest province of Xinjiang, according to Chinese state media. The official Xinhua news agency also reported that police have arrested 1,434 people in connection with the violence that left at least 156 dead. The agency didn't provide further details. Protesters from the Uighur ethnic group took to the streets in the city of Kashgar in northwestern China on Monday, a day after a demonstration in Xinjiang's capital of Urumqi turned into a lethal riot. A Uighur man in Kashgar said he was among more than 300 protesters who demonstrated outside the Id Kah Mosque late Monday afternoon, The Associated Press reported. He said police surrounded them, and the two sides were yelling at each other, but there were no physical clashes. Chinese state media said that along with the dead, 828 people have been injured in the riots. The Uighurs â?? an ethnically Turkic, predominantly Muslim group â?? make up the majority in Xinjiang, a region in northwest China bordering Central Asia and Mongolia. Their relations have often been tense with the ethnic Han Chinese who predominate in the country as a whole. Many Uighurs feel they're discriminated against by the government in Beijing, and a Uighur separatist movement has existed for decades. Alarmed by the reports of violence and deaths, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon issued a statement Monday calling for restraint from both sides.
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