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John Weeks

John Weeks is Professor Emeritus and Senior Researcher at the Centre for Development Policy and Research, and Research on Money and Finance Group at the School of Oriental & African Studies at the University of London.

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41 Economics for the 99% Going Hot Turkey: The protests in Izmir
42 Economics for the 99% Out of Africa: Tax evasion, capital flight and arrested development
43 Economics for the 99%: Mainstream economics on budget cuts: dumb and dumber
44 Economics for the 99% Death and Texas: the West Disasters in our future
45 Economics for the 99%: Unemployment Falling in the United States? What a load of B(L)S
46 Economics for the 99%: Peddling Ideology through Myth-representation
47 Economics for the 99%: Capital controls for the masses
48 Economics for the 99%: Generalizing the other America
49 Economics for the 99% A Day for the 99%: 4 March 1933
50 Economics for the 99%: Growing old is Good for Us (if Social Security and Medicare aren't cut)
51 Economics for the 99%: The Burden of the Old on the Young (or is it the other way around?)
52 Economics for the 99%: What debt burden?
53 Economics of the 99% Guilt and Debt? How I learned to love it
54 The Economics of the 99% How to decipher the economics of the NYT
55 Economics for the 99% After the Fall: from the Cliff to the Ceiling
56 The Malvinas, the Falklands and Reactionary Journalism in Britain
57 Economics for the 99% - Christmas at the (fiscal) Cliff
58 Economics for the 99% - Therapy for Debt Stress
59 What Deficit? What Cliff?
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