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John Weeks

John Weeks is Professor Emeritus and Senior Researcher at the Centre for Development Policy and Research, and Research on Money and Finance Group at the School of Oriental & African Studies at the University of London.

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21 Economics for the 99% EU Elections 3: Further Rise of the Right
22 Economics for the 99% Elections in the European Union: The Issues
23 Economics for the 99% European Parliament Elections and the Authoritarian Tide
24 Economics for the 99% The Progressive Economic Dilemma
25 Economics for the 99% The Congressional Budget Office on Minimum Wages: Nonsense in a Nut-shell
26 Economics for the 99% Executive Orders, Founding Fathers and Constitutional Crisis
27 Economics for the 99% The Federal Budget, Telephone Books and the "Paper of Record"
28 Economics for the 99% From Democracy Bangkok style to Dictatorship ala Hanoi (or do I have that backwards?)
29 Economics for the 99%: Somewhere east of Suez*, where the rich take to the streets
30 Economics for the 99%: Mr Summers Stagnates
31 Economics for the 99% Up against the Wal(mart)
32 Economics for the 99% The political economy of Immigration Reform
33 Economics for the 99% I missed the End of the World: The Great Shut-down and other catastrophic shams
34 Economics for the 99%: The Tea Party's Weimar Republic Strategy
35 Economics for the 99% That other 9/11: US government connives in destruction of Democracy in Chile in September 1973
36 Economics for the 99%: Stop me if you've heard this one: Obama the Nobel Laureate bombs…
37 Economics for the 99% The Trans-Pacific Partnership: More scams of "free trade"
38 Economics for the 99% Turing Five: The Great Recession out of Diapers
39 Economics for the 99% End of Satire: Larry Summers for head of the Fed
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