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John Weeks

John Weeks is Professor Emeritus and Senior Researcher at the Centre for Development Policy and Research, and Research on Money and Finance Group at the School of Oriental & African Studies at the University of London.

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1 By the numbers: Barack Obama’s contribution to the decline of US democracy
2 Trump's victory represents the fulfilment of neoliberalism, not its failure
3 Why Donald Trump’s China policy is a trade war in the making December 22, 2016 7.05am EST Author John Weeks Professor Emeritus, SOAS, University of London Disclosure statement John Weeks does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive fu
4 Why a Socialist Became Senator from Vermont
5 The Greek Burden: Confronting Neoliberal Authoritarianism on 5 July
6 Economics for the 99% Asian Infrastructure Development Bank in Beijing: Now, that's a seriously bad idea
7 "Financial Markets" Greater Danger to Greek Democracy than Golden Dawn
8 Economics for the 99% Free Markets: Yellow Brick Road to War
9 Economics for the 99% Italy Objects -- the EU and the ideology of deficits
10 Economics for the 99% US Mid-term Elections-- It's the facts, stupid
11 UK Chancellor to Bash the Poor (are you surprised?)
12 Economics for the 99% The Deficit Disaster that never was
13 Krugman on war-- even the best mainstream economists write nonsense
14 Debt Disaster for Argentina? (Don't hold your breath for it)
15 Piketty, Phelps and Inequality
16 Economics for the 99% Inequality is Falling Globally!! (and similar nonsense)
17 Economics for the 99% No Recovery in Euro Zone
18 Economics for the 99% The China Syndrome: Daring to use the F-word
19 Economics for the 99% Encounter in a Taxi: The Piketty Phenomenon
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