Ray McGovern

Ray McGovern

Ray McGovern is a retired CIA officer. McGovern was employed under seven US presidents for over 27 years, presenting the morning intelligence briefings at the White House under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. McGovern was born and raised in the Bronx, graduated summa cum laude from Fordham University, received an M.A. in Russian Studies from Fordham, a certificate in Theological Studies from Georgetown University, and graduated from Harvard Business School's Advanced Management Program. McGovern now works for "Tell the Word," a ministry of the inner-city/Washington Church of the Saviour, which sent him forth four weeks ago to join other Justice people on "The Audacity of Hope," the U.S. Boat to Gaza.

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1 The Iraq War’s Known Unknowns
2 A Call for Proof on Syria-Sarin Attack
3 Seeing Syrian Crisis Through Russian Eyes
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5 Propaganda, Intelligence and MH-17
6 Is the 'military option' on Iran off the table?
7 Still Waiting for USS Liberty’s Truth
8 How to Honor Memorial Day
9 William & Mary Honors War Criminal
10 The West Snubs Russia over V-E Day
11 Russia’s Humanitarian ‘Invasion’
12 How NSA Can Secretly Aid Criminal Cases
13 Trying Not to Give Peace a Chance
14 Whistleblowers: Snowden’s A Hero; Intelligence Community’s Out Of Line
15 Ukraine: One 'Regime Change' Too Many?
16 No Tears for the Real Robert Gates
17 NSA Insiders Reveal What Went Wrong
18 Truman's True Warning on the CIA
19 Fire the Liar
20 Edward Snowden's Brave Integrity
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