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Yves Smith

Yves Smith has written the popular and trenchant financial blog "Naked Capitalism" since 2006.

Yves has spent more than 25 years in the financial services industry and currently heads Aurora Advisors, a New York-based management consulting firm specializing in corporate finance advisory and financial services. Prior experience includes Goldman Sachs (in corporate finance), McKinsey & Co., and Sumitomo Bank (as head of mergers and acquisitions). Yves has written for publications in the United States and Australia, including The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, Slate, The Conference Board Review, Institutional Investor, The Daily Deal and the Australian Financial Review. Yves is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School.

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1 Study: Only Wealthiest and Best Educated Benefit from Mediterranean Diet
2 Democrat Disunity: Hypocritical Media Attacks on Sanders
3 Can Uber Ever Deliver? Part Nine: The 1990s Koch Funded Propaganda Program That is Uber’s True Origin Story
4 Bank of International Settlements Paper Confirms That High Levels of Household Debt Hurt Growth
5 Helicopter Money: Loved, Not Spent
6 More on the Economic Hardship of Young Adults
7 Despite Low Oil Prices, Saudi Arabia Stabilizing Economy
8 "Tsipras Has Just Destroyed Greece"
9 Greece Throws Away One of Its Eurogroup Memo Wins, Submits Reforms Reaching Up to a 3.9% Fiscal Surplus
10 Why is Yellen Supporting the ECB Attack on Greece?
11 Are New York City “Feminist” Organizations Sock-Puppeting for Wall Street in Attacking Spitzer?
12 The Lady Doth Protest Too Much: CBO Director Asks for a Chat Regarding Our Post on Their Questionable Health Cost Increase Model
13 Are the Mice Starting to Roar? Municipalities Turn Defiant with Wall Street
14 Bob Diamond Performs “Je Ne Regrette Rien”
15 The FDIC Continues to Promote the Fantasy That It Can Resolve Megabanks
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