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Judge Allows Major Neill Franklin to Testify as an Expert Witness in Trial of officer Caesar Goodson

The next phase of the trials for six officers charged with the death of Freddie Gray resumed this morning.

On the docket today were pretrial motions for the Caesar Goodson the driver of the van in which Gray was fatally injured. Goodson faces the most serious charges of 2nd degree depraved heart murder, and his case could prove critical for prosecutors, particularly after Officer William Porter's trial ended in mistrial last month.
In today's motions judge Barry Williams ruled:
-Judge ruled the jury in the Goodson trial will be anonymous but not sequestered (similar to the Porter Trial)
-Judge will allow testimony of asst. chief Medical Examiner who conducted autopsy of Freddie Gray. Defense objected, saying her conclusion Gray's death was a homicide and preventable was out of the scope of her expertise.
- Judge also ruled testimony regarding
-The jury will be allowed to view the wagon Freddie Gray was transported in during the trial
- Major Neill Franklin a former chief trainer of the Baltimore police department will be allowed as an expert witness for the prosecution. The defense had argued Franklin's interviews on the Freddie Gray case showed he was a biased witness. But Judge Williams found Franklin only provided those interviews before he was hired as an expert witness.

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