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    TRNN Staff and Associates

    Paul Jay - CEO and Senior Editor

    As Senior Editor of TRNN Paul has overseen the production of over 4,500 news stories and is the Host of our news analysis programming. As Executive Producer of CBC Newsworld's independent flagship debate show counterSpin he produced over 2,000 shows during its 10 yrs on air. He is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with over 20 films under his belt and was founding Chair of Hot Docs!, the Canadian International Documentary Film Festival (now the largest in North America). (Canada/USA)

    Follow Paul: Facebook | Twitter

    Sharmini Peries - Journalist and Executive Producer Strategic Programming

    Sharmini works on strategic partnership and program development at TRNN. She harnesses the power of research institutions, advocacy organizations, media and donor community to produce our innovative programming. Prior to joining TRNN she served as Executive Director of: the International Freedom of Expression Exchange, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, the Royal Commission on Systemic Racism in the Criminal Justice System, the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants and the Human Rights Code Review Task Force in Ontario. She was international economic and trade advisor to the government of Venezuela. (Canada/Sri Lanka)

    Lynn Fries
    - Economic Program Associate

    With deep insight into current economic debates Lynn is always on the look out for innovative thinkers who can communicate transforming ideas. Researching and synthesizing economic content, Lynn is instrumental in building the economic programming and distributing our work so that it is widely available to economic think tanks and viewers alike. Lynn served as a senior research salesperson in the international capital markets division of a major investment bank in NY. We are delighted Lynn changed desks to share the vision of The Real News Network. (USA)

    Hezvo Mpunga - IT and Website Development Manager

    Hezvo is passionate about software and technology as tools for social improvement. At TRNN, his work ensures the organization is nothing short of revolutionary in the creation and delivery of software applications for new media tools. (Zimbabwe/Canada)

    Lia Tarachansky - Journalist

    Lia is a Middle East correspondent for The Real News Network. She's been based with TRNN in Toronto, Washington D.C., and Israel/Palestine. Lia works on two series, 'Israel and International Law' and 'Who benefits from the Israeli occupation?'. She is currently filming her first documentary, Seven Deadly Myths ( (Israel/Palestine/Canada)

    Sebastian Pituscan - Post-production Coordinator

    Sebastian has over 12 years experience working in broadcast news and documentaries. As an expert in new digital technology, he facilitates post-production at TRNN and as a technical consultant. Before joining The Real News, Sebastian worked as an editor and as Chief of the Technical Department for national broadcasters in Europe and in Canada. (Romania/Canada)

    Shaya Tajvidi - News Producer

    Shaghayegh Tajvidi comes to The Real News Network with a background in political science and a focus on social movements in the Middle East. She has experience in broadcast radio, print journalism and a deep interest in documentary film as cinematic political expression.

    Ziggy West Jeffery - Operations Manager

    Ziggy's focus is on new technologies, Joomla, social media and donor management and relations. His work is instrumental in the integration of web technology with the dynamics of an ever-changing news cycle. He leads a web development team that continues to make TRNN's site faster, safer and more secure. Ziggy is also in charge of distribution of TRNN content and is responsible for recent major North American marketing and distribution deals. (Canada/USA)

    Contact Ziggy: Linkedin | Facebook | Email, Real News Network, Real News, Real News For Real People, IWT are trademarks and service marks of IWT.TV inc. "The Real News" is the flagship show of IWT and Real News Network.

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