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Editorial and Operations

Paul Jay CEO and Senior Editor

As CEO and senior editor, Paul has produced over 7,000 news stories published by The Real News Network (TRNN). He is the host of the news analysis program, Reality Asserts Itself. He was the Executive Producer of CBC Newsworld's independent flagship debate show CounterSpin, where he produced over 2,000 shows during its 10 years on air. Paul is also an internationally acclaimed, award-winning filmmaker whose films include Return To Kandahar, Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows, Lost in Las Vegas, and Never-Endum-Referendum. He was also the Founding Chair of the Hot Docs International Festival (Toronto), now the largest in North America.

Sharmini Peries - Journalist and co-founder of The Real News Network.

Sharmini Peries is the Executive Producer of daily news at TRNN. TRNN is a viewer supported daily news and documentary service headquartered in Baltimore and Toronto.  At TRNN Sharmini harnesses the power of academics, independent media and social movements, to project their ideas to our viewers across the globe. Sharmini served the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez as his Special Counsel on Economics and Trade from 2003-2007. She has an MA from York University (Canada). Sharmini served as the executive director of The Commission on Systemic Racism in the Criminal Justice System, International Freedom of Expression Exchange, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants and managed the Human Rights Code Review Task Force in Ontario, Canada.


Jaisal Noor Host, Producer, and Reporter

Jaisal is a host, producer, and reporter for TRNN. With expertise in education policy and systemic inequity, he focuses on Baltimore, Maryland. He mainly grew up in the Baltimore area and studied modern history at the University of Maryland, College Park. Before joining TRNN, he contributed print, radio, and TV reports to Free Speech Radio News, Democracy Now! and The Indypendent. Jaisal also taught U.S. history at schools and colleges across New York City.

Kayla Rivara – Producer

As a producer for TRNN, Kayla is responsible for guest outreach and story development. Prior to her work at TRNN, Kayla produced and hosted programs for WRHU Radio Hofstra University. She worked as a fellow for Hofstra's Center for Civic Engagement, and as a program assistant and board member for The Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives. At TRNN, Kayla continues her work fostering an informed and perceptive public.

Lynn Fries – Journalist and Producer

Lynn has been contributing to The Real News Network since 2007 initially based in NYC & focused on developing TRNN’s economic programs. In 2012, Lynn founded the TRNN Geneva based research & production unit. Before TRNN, Lynn was senior account manager of institutional relationships for research teams of analysts and economists in the financial services industry.

Lia Tarachansky – Journalist

Lia is the Israel/Palestine correspondent for TRNN.  In 2012, Lia produced and co-directed a BBC World News documentary about Israel's Social Justice (J14) movement and the wave of self-immolations it sparked in protest of the harsh economic reality many face in Israel. Her first feature film, On The Side Of The Road, is a Naretiv Productions documentary on Israel's biggest taboo–the society's collective denial of the ethnic cleansing of 1948 as told by those who perpetrated it. In November 2013, On The Side of The Road opened the First International Film Festival on Nakba and Return, held in Tel Aviv.

Membership Services and Social Media

Rosette Sewali – Producer/Membership Relations Organizer

As membership relations organizer, Rosette is responsible for fundraising campaigns, mounting events in TRNN’s Town Hall space in Baltimore, member communications and outreach. She also helps research Canadian and African content, mobilizes TRNN’s members into action, and serves as TRNN’s volunteer recruiter and coordinator. Rosette has over 10 years’ experience working in marketing and advertising. She also worked as a volunteer for five years prior to joining TRNN as a full-time team member.

Studio News Production and Post - Production Team

Sebastian PituscanPost-Production Director

Sebastian has worked as TRNN’s Post-Production Coordinator since 2008. He has nearly 20 years of experience working in broadcast news and documentaries. As an expert in new digital technology, Sebastian facilitates post-production at TRNN and serves as a senior technical producer. Before joining TRNN, Sebastian worked as an editor and as Chief of the technical department for national broadcasters in Europe and in Canada. (Romania/Canada)

Chris DeMillo – Technical Producer

As technical producer, Chris brings his breadth of knowledge of studio equipment and television production to TRNN. He has a storied background in the film and television industry that includes experience in producing scripted and reality-based television, as well as sports and live field production. A native Baltimorean, Chris has worked in Los Angeles and D.C.



Hezvo Mpunga IT and Website Development Manager

As the architect of TRNN’s website, Hezvo is responsible for updating and maintaining the various components of the TRNN website.  He is passionate about software and technology as tools for social improvement. At TRNN, where he has worked since 2007, he ensures the organization is nothing short of revolutionary in the creation and delivery of software applications for new media tools. Hezvo is also a musician.


Ziggy West Jeffery Operations

Ziggy's focus is on new technologies, Joomla, social media, and donor management and relations. His work is instrumental in the integration of web technology with the dynamics of an ever-changing news cycle. He leads a web development team that continues to make TRNN's site faster, safer and more secure. Ziggy is also in charge of distribution of TRNN content and is responsible for recent major North American marketing and distribution deals.

Queenie Coulton Office Manager

Queenie Joined the TRNN Headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland as its Office Manager in April 2013. She is responsible for maintaining the budget, payroll and payments of bills, and the day-to-day administration of the office complex. Queenie has over 10 years office management experience having worked in similar positions in the U.S. and internationally.,, The Real News Network, Real News Network, The Real News, Real News, Real News For Real People, IWT are trademarks and service marks of Independent World Television inc. "The Real News" is the flagship show of IWT and The Real News Network.

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