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About Us:

The Real News Network (TRNN) is a news and documentary network producing independent and uncompromising journalism. We produce daily news pieces with a global and local focus which are viewed over 6 million times a month. The network is non-profit, supported by members, individual donors and foundations. We do not accept advertising or funding from any government or corporation.

Job Summary:

The Real News Network and Baltimore Studios is currently seeking an experienced Transcriber to join our team in Baltimore, MD. The job requires the ability to accurately type documents with excellent grammar and spelling, good communication and multitasking skills, and the ability to work efficiently with multiple interruptions, often under strict deadlines. The Transcriber will also be responsible for publishing finished transcripts to the website. A short transcription test will be required as part of the interview.

Job Responsibilities:

* The Transcriber must be able to provide flexibility in their work schedule to accurately cover the production schedule
* Transcripts must be available ASAP after recordings are available
* Must produce transcripts with accurate timestamps for editing
* Must be able to transcribe 90-120 minutes of audio a day
* Must be capable of using correct grammar in transcribing reports without altering the meaning or intent of the speech
* Must have excellent spelling skills and comprehension of the definition of words and terms
* Perform additional duties as assigned

Education and Experience:

* Must have 2 years’ experience as a verbatim, multi-speaker transcriber
* High school diploma or equivalent required

Skills and Abilities:

* Excellent verbal and written communication skills
* Good general knowledge of current events
* Must be able to proof your work to be at least 98% accurate
* Proficiency with internet research and reference resources
* Ability to complete tasks and calmly maintain order in high-stress situations

Compensation and Benefits:

* Competitive salary; commensurate with experience
* Benefits package available
* Please send your application to,, The Real News Network, Real News Network, The Real News, Real News, Real News For Real People, IWT are trademarks and service marks of Independent World Television inc. "The Real News" is the flagship show of IWT and The Real News Network.

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