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Baltimore Bureau Chief

About Us:

The Real News Network is a news and documentary network producing independent and uncompromising journalism. Our news operation is based in Baltimore with national and international bureaus. The Real News Network investigates, reports and debates stories concerning the critical issues of our time. Our stories are viewed over 6 million times a month. The network is non-profit, supported by members, individual donors and foundations. We do not accept advertising, or government or corporate funding.

Job Summary:

This is a management position. The successful applicant will be fully accountable for local hiring of staff, staff leadership, managing related costs of the bureau, along with providing editorial leadership to ensure The Real News Network (TRNN) is at the forefront of major and breaking Baltimore stories, and that those stories align with TRNN’s editorial values. Due to the nature of the role, the incumbent must be flexible and comfortable with extended hours and occasional weekend work depending on stories taking place.

Job Responsibilities:

* Direct, manage, advise, administer and execute day-to-day business of the Baltimore Bureau
* Oversee the bureau's growth, advancement and improvement
* Develop and report video original stories of interest to Baltimoreans and others in cities across the United States
* Lead daily bureau meetings
* Prioritize content suggestions and commitments
* Work closely and flexibly with The Real News Network personnel, programs, and partner news agencies to produce a broad range of stories from our Baltimore Bureau
* Produce regular video news content, cost-effectively, across various social media and Real News platforms
* Contribute to the budget planning process for Baltimore news
* Accountable for ensuring confidentiality and fiscal responsibility
* Revise work to meet editorial approval or to fit time or space requirements.
* Investigate breaking news developments, such as disasters, crimes, or human-interest stories
* Take pictures or video and process them for inclusion in a story
* Assign stories to other reporters or duties to production staff
* Edit or assist in editing videos for broadcast
* Responsible for long form reports as well as creating daily investigative stories



* High school education or equivalent.
* Bachelor’s Degree in related field

Skills and Experience:

* High level of familiarity with Baltimore; long-term residency not absolutely necessary but a big plus
* Communication skills
* Minimum 15 years reporting experience, including senior assignments at a network level
* Creative thinking skills
* Flexibility
* Persistence
* The ability to work well in high-stress situations, and to resolve logistical and technical issues in the field
* Excellent written and verbal communications
* Proven understanding and demonstration of creativity, editorial judgment, journalistic ethics and libel laws
* Strong organizational and team communication skills is a must
* Significant experience in the news environment and strong journalistic skills
* Critical and analytical thinking skills
* Familiarity and ease in using Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media
* Strong on-camera and presentation skills
* Knowledge of online/media tools and technologies; adaptability in digital age news production, including camera work and editing

Ideal Candidate:

* Commitment to the Real News' vision and editorial ethic
* Oriented to and motivated by success
* Energetic and outgoing, thoughtful listener, excellent interpersonal skills
* Lives in Baltimore
* Self-motivated
* Passionate
* Able to work proactively and independently.
* The ability to manage multiple projects/responsibilities at once.
* Tech savvy
* The ability to travel on extremely short notice
* Own laptop and cell phone
* Able to focus, be a good listener, handle objections

Compensation and Benefits:

* Competitive salary; commensurate with experience
* Benefits package available

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TO APPLY, please submit an updated resume or CV, and a one-page cover letter explaining why you want to work at the Real News.

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