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Membership Relations Organizer

The Real News Network is currently seeking an experienced Membership Relations Organizer to join our team in Baltimore, MD.

About Us:

The Real News Network is a news and documentary network producing independent and uncompromising journalism. Our news operation is based in Baltimore, from where we produce daily news pieces with a global focus. Our stories are viewed over 6 million times a month. The network is non-profit, supported by members, individual donors and foundations. We do not accept advertising or funding from governments or corporations.

Job Responsibilities:

* Membership Relations engaging and expanding the TRNN membership while exponentially increasing their contributions
* Project manage quarterly fundraising campaigns including ask emails, producing pitch videos and ensuring campaign targets are met or exceeded
* Identify, develop and maintain relationships with member donors for the purpose of securing and sustaining a strong donor community for The Real News Network
* Work with the CEO to strengthen our fundraising strategies
* Produce a weekly donor report for executive team
* Identify member relations training needs at TRNN and deliver training sessions to individuals and groups of volunteers
* Communicate with donors via phone, email, social media and in person
* Coordinate with the social media manager to ensure message continuity
* Keep update on all Real News stories
* Coordinate all premium and gift functions
* Event Management including creating a communication plan, designing invites, posters, etc., and coordinating actual events
* Manage staffing needs for events coordinate volunteers
* Be the point person for all communications between departments
* Perform additional duties as assigned


Education and Experience: 

* Associate's Degree in related field.
* Minimum of 1 year relevant work experience. May include membership relations in a nonprofit, student organizing, labor and/or community organizing or another relevant field.
* Must have experienced in fundraising, implementing online campaigns, Product Marketing, Membership, Technology, Operations, Project Management and Design.
* Experience in utilizing a CRM to manage members (Click and Pledge, Salesforce, etc.)
* Experience in Marketing (traditional, new media, guerilla, and word of mouth)
* Experience in Design Intermediate ability to use design tools in adobe creative suite.

Skills and Abilities: 

* Must have a demonstrated track record in fundraising, donor relations, volunteer outreach and event management.
* Proven creativity in raising funds.
* Excellent communication skills in both verbal and written.
* Must have advanced knowledge of MS Word and Excel
* Must be eager to communicate by phone and be persuasive.
* Ability to organize and have the willingness to experiment.
* Ability to contribute individually, and lead, manage, or participate in cross-functional teams
* Must have doggedness, determination and a sense of humor.
* Ability to synthesize large amounts of data into actionable information.
* Ability to create great working relationships with all levels within the company and across multiple disciplines.

Compensation and Benefits: 

* Competitive salary; commensurate with experience.
* Benefits package available.

TO APPLY, please submit an updated resume or CV, and a one-page cover letter explaining why you want to work at the Real News.

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