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The Necessity for Urgency
Watch Paul Jay on the need for an independent news source that's not beholden to the partisan political warfare that's covering up the danger of war and the existential threat of climate crisis
DATE: 2017-06-22 | LENGTH: 01:57

Republican Health Care Plan: A Win-Win for the Wealthiest
Dr. Jane McAlevey says at the risk of losing support from their base at the polls, Republicans are forging ahead with the Bannon plan of destroying the American safety net and all liberal measures along the way
DATE: 2017-06-22 | LENGTH: 09:07

The Nina Turner Show: Appalachians Rising
At the 2017 People's Summit, Nina Turner talks to organizers from West Virginia and Ohio about the challenges of living and affecting change in rural America
DATE: 2017-06-22 | LENGTH: 14:59

Dean Baker: Interest Rate Hike Will Hurt Jobs Growth
The Federal Reserve's interest rate hike will slow jobs growth, but is probably being done to please Wall Street, says CEPR's Dean Baker
DATE: 2017-06-23 | LENGTH: 10:30

Generating Solar Jobs For City Residents
Have a criminal record and no high school diploma? No problem. The Baltimore Center for Green Careers trains some of the city's most disenfranchised residents to thrive in 21st century renewable energy jobs. Kim Brown reports
DATE: 2017-06-23

US Interrogates Prisoners at UAE Torture Sites in Yemen
U.S. officials interrogated prisoners at United Arab Emirates-linked secret prisons in Yemen where extreme torture is routine, says Human Rights Watch's Kristine Beckerle
DATE: 2017-06-22 | LENGTH: 17:19

Nina Turner on Why Ossoff Lost in Georgia Special Election
Nina Turner and Paul Jay discuss the major funding by the Democratic Party in a race held in a Republican district with a median income of $84000
DATE: 2017-06-21 | LENGTH: 15:10

Barclays and Its Executives Are Charged With Conspiracy to Commit Fraud
Bill Black, author of The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One says don't expect much - sadly, the British Serious 'Farce' Office that brought about the charges may not have the wits to carry out the prosecution
DATE: 2017-06-22 | LENGTH: 16:04

ISIS Flees Raqqa, Trump and Putin Escalate the War
With the potential defeat of ISIS in Syria, the U.S. and Russia are stepping up their operations in an effort to fill the likely power vacuum, says Chris Davidson, a Reader of Middle East politics at Durham University in the UK
DATE: 2017-06-22 | LENGTH: 13:05


How Was A Climate Crisis Denier Elected President of The United States?
Only 16% of people surveyed are very worried about climate change. Here's what we plan to do about it.
Premiere of the Nina Turner Show with Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders and Nina Turner discuss the building of a movement to fight the oligarchy and the achievements of the People's Summit
Wall St. Democrats vs. Working Class Democrats
Nina Turner and Paul Jay discuss the fight within the Democratic Party and the need for the Sanders movement to more seriously take up the question of war and U.S. foreign policy


US Supreme Court Declines to Hear Chevron Pollution Case
Steven Donziger, the lawyer representing affected indigenous communities in Ecuador, calls this "the probably the most outrageous act of industrial pollution in history related to oil."
DATE: 2017-06-22 | LENGTH: 12:09

Survivors of UK's Grenfell Tower Block Fire Demand Accountability for the Victims
One week after the disastrous fire that engulfed the whole of Grenfell Tower Block, survivors and their supporters demand justice and a reform of Britain's national housing policy
DATE: 2017-06-21 | LENGTH: 04:15

Record Spending Fails to Get Democrats a Win in Georgia
The Democratic loss in Georgia's Special Congressional Election -- the most expensive in U.S. history -- is a sign that the party's old playbook is failing, says Kamau Franklin, political editor for Atlanta Black Star
DATE: 2017-06-21 | LENGTH: 13:53

Canadian First Nation Battles Pipeline Expansion
Charlene Aleck, spokesperson for the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation, discusses the indigenous group's fight against the Trans Mountain pipeline and the struggle to protect its traditional way of life
DATE: 2017-06-21 | LENGTH: 13:01

Trump Risks War with Russia and Iran in Syria
Increasing U.S. military strikes against Assad-allied forces in Syria threaten to undermine the fight against ISIS and spark direct conflict with Russia and Iran, says Ben Norton of Alternet's Grayzone Project
DATE: 2017-06-21 | LENGTH: 16:17

Advisers Quit HIV/AIDS Council, Saying Trump 'Does Not Care'
Lucy Bradley-Springer says she resigned, along with five others, from the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS because the Trump administration has ignored the epidemic while backing policies that would hurt its patients
DATE: 2017-06-21 | LENGTH: 15:51

Lucy Flores: The Political Revolution is About Putting People Over Party
One of Bernie Sanders' first endorsed candidates looks back on her congressional race and how the Democratic Party establishment coalesced against her campaign after she openly supported Sanders over Clinton for President
DATE: 2017-06-21 | LENGTH: 06:54

$15 Dollar Minimum Wage and Free College Education - What's Going On In San Francisco?
San Francisco city representative Jane Kim tells Paul Jay that she helped lead successful ballot initiatives that won a higher minimum wage, free college for all, and a much higher affordable housing component in new developments; much of this fight has been against corporate Democrats
DATE: 2017-06-20 | LENGTH: 14:09

Israel Secretly Aids Anti-Assad Forces in Syria Proxy War
Beirut-based journalist Nour Samaha has uncovered extensive Israeli government support of anti-Assad forces in southern Syria
DATE: 2017-06-20 | LENGTH: 15:54

The Fight Within the Democratic Party Over California Universal Health Insurance Plan
Michael Lighty of National Nurses United tells Paul Jay how the California Senate passed the "Healthy California" plan and the coming battle to make it into law
DATE: 2017-06-19 | LENGTH: 12:30

Thomas Frank on the Demise of the Democratic Party
Katie Halper interviews Thomas Frank, author of 'Listen Liberal', who says the Democratic Party has become the party of affluent professionals and has lost touch with workers and the poor
DATE: 2017-06-20 | LENGTH: 15:54

Castile Verdict: Why Do Police Keep Getting Away With Murder?
"We need to demand control over these local precincts and police departments," says Kamau Franklin, attorney and senior editor of Atlanta Black Star, after the outrageous not-guilty verdict in Minnesota
DATE: 2017-06-19 | LENGTH: 09:29

Coastal Cities Unprepared for Major Floods As Sea Levels Rise
The Trump Administration is making it even harder for coastal cities to defend themselves against increased flooding brought about by climate change, says Michael Oppenheimer, professor of Geosciences and International Affairs at Princeton University
DATE: 2017-06-20 | LENGTH: 12:03

Juneteenth, Black Joy, and Cooperative Economics
West Baltimore neighborhood celebrates 152 years since Black emancipation in America
DATE: 2017-06-19 | LENGTH: 03:22

















Climate Chaos - Tom Chalkley

Monsters of the Petroleum Age - Tom Chalkley

Chuck Schumer: War Hawk or Progressive? - Tom Chalkley


Behind the Media Surge Against Bernie Sanders
By Norman Solomon It’s routine for right-wing outlets like Fox to smear progressive activists under the guise of “news” coverage. But why the New York Times? And why the special venom for Bernie Sanders? After the horrific ...

Norman Solomon

Why Israel and Hezbollah are heading for a new, devastating war in the Middle East
By Nicholas Noe. This article was first published on Independent. In 13 years of watching these two bitter opponents, I have never seen such a high degree of anxiety that war is coming Lebanon’s Hezbollah is backed by Iran and has ...

Nicholas Noe

Trump, What is He Good For?
By Andrew Levine. This article was first published on Counterpunch. Voters who thought that Donald Trump’s election would make them materially better off were delusional or gullible or both.  The only exceptions were Trump’s class brothers and sisters ...

Andrew Levine

Labour’s Permanent Reformation
By Benjamin Selwyn. This article was first published on Socialist Project. The 2017 British general election has generated the beginnings of a qualitative-change in the relationship between the Labour Party, much of British society, and parliament. That transformation ca...

Benjamin Selwyn

Arms Industry-Funded Democrats Vote to Help Saudi Arabia Continue Slaughtering Civilians in Yemen
By Ben Norton / AlterNet
Five Democratic senators joined Republicans in narrowly voting to approve Trump’s arms deal Displaying a Yemeni starving under Saudi siege, Sen. Rand Paul clamored for the cancellation of Trump's arms package to Saudi Ar...

Ben Norton

Review of Always with Us? What Jesus Really Said about the Poor
By Bruce Parry June 13, 2017 The New Poor People’s Campaign, of which Dr. Liz Theoharis and Dr. William Barber are National Co-Chairs, will not just commemorate the 2018 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s Poor People’s Campaign; it is to be ...

Bruce Parry


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Norman Solomon of the Bernie Delegates Network says the California fight reflects a much larger struggle within the party between progressives and corporate Democrats

Reality Asserts Itself - Nina Turner

On Reality Asserts Itself, Nina Turner, former Ohio State Senator and leading Bernie Sanders surrogate during the primary, tells host Paul Jay that she grew up poor, believing in the Democratic Party and the Clintons but she came to understand the failure of the Party to serve the needs of the African-American community and poor white workers



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Will Maryland Pioneer Offshore Wind Farming in America?
Despite a climate-denying federal government, two new offshore wind farms could bring thousands of clean jobs to Maryland's Sparrow's Point
DATE: 2017-04-27

TRNN Replay: The Story of the 2015 Baltimore Uprising Told Through the Voices of the People
The TRNN staff's coverage of the transformative year when the people demanded to be heard
DATE: 2015-12-28

TRNN Replay: What Conditions Gave Rise to the Baltimore Uprising?
Community activists Marisela Gomez, Kimberly Ellis, and Shaquayah McKenzie also discuss the conversations in the media about Black life and Baltimore
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