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Baltimore's Rent Court Stacked Against Low-Income Residents

On the latest episode of The Real Baltimore, Resident LaQeisha Greene, Sun reporter Jean Marbella, and attorney and advocate Matt Hill explain how Baltimore's rent court system works against the city's most vulnerable populations
DATE: 2017-05-28 | LENGTH: 26:57

IMF Concedes: No Debt Relief for Greece

UK Tory's Theresa May Coming Undone at the Seams with 'Dementia' Tax

A Personal Take on The Modern History of Iraq - RAI with Sabah Alnasseri (3/6)

This Was Not A Thug

Oligarchs Don't Like Real News



TRNN Replay: The Bomb Sends a Message to the World - Untold History
Pt.6 Peter Kuznick (co-author with Oliver Stone of The Untold History of the United States): The atomic bomb did not end the war with Japan, it was a threat to the Soviet Union that the US would dominate the post-war world
DATE: 2013-03-15 | LENGTH: 18:21

Zbigniew Brzezinski Dead at 89 - An Exclusive Three Part, 2010 Interview with Paul Jay
Zbigniew Brzezinski, who died friday, told Paul Jay that America must dominate the world for a generation to prevent global anarchy and defended his role in the instigation of the war in Afghanistan that led to the Taliban and al Qaeda
DATE: 2010-01-16

Trump's Budget and Policies Will be 'Horrific' For Women
The Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel describes the effects the Trump budget proposal will have for women. Ivanka Trump's parental leave program will not make a dent in the damage
DATE: 2017-05-26 | LENGTH: 10:30

Brazil's Most Important News Outlet Plays Kingmaker
Globo TV withdraws support from President Michel Temer by leaking incriminating recording and issues retraction that implicated former president Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff: report from Mike Fox in Brazil
DATE: 2017-05-27 | LENGTH: 10:55

Does NATO Confront Threats, or Create Them?
As President Trump is criticized for declining to endorse NATO's mutual aid clause, Professor David Gibbs of the University of Arizona argues that the alliance creates threats that previously didn't exist
DATE: 2017-05-27 | LENGTH: 12:17

GOP Candidate's Body Slam Fails to Earn Democrats a Win in Montana
Despite an assault charge on the eve of the vote, Republican Greg Gianforte defeated Democrat Rob Quist in Montana's closely watched special Congressional election. Reporting from Montana, Michael Tracey of The Young Turks analyzes why Quist failed to reach voters
DATE: 2017-05-27 | LENGTH: 16:29

U.S. Increases Nuclear Energy Spending as It Fights Global Weapons Ban
David Swanson of World Beyond War says the Trump administration is increasing nuclear energy spending while seeking to thwart a landmark global campaign for a UN treaty banning the possession and use of nuclear weapons
DATE: 2017-05-26 | LENGTH: 10:55

Lynching of Richard Collins III
Eddie Conway speaks with students, faculty, and activists on the campus of Bowie State University to get their perspectives and feelings about the murder of Richard Collins III
DATE: 2017-05-27 | LENGTH: 10:09

Exxon Climate Change Cover Up: What Did Exxon and CEO Rex Tillerson Know and What Did They Do About It?
Rex Tillerson now acknowledges climate change science, but as CEO of Exxon Mobile did he do anything about it? The New York State Attorney General wants to know says Investigative journalist David Hasemeyer
DATE: 2017-05-26 | LENGTH: 16:58

A Personal Take on The Modern History of Iraq - RAI with Sabah Alnasseri (2/6)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Alnasseri tells the story of his militant working class family, class struggle in Iraq and the sectarian conflict created by the U.S. invasion
DATE: 2017-05-26 | LENGTH: 21:03

As Trump Takes Aim, Iranians Vote for More Engagement
While President Trump used his Middle East trip to denounce Iran and sell weapons to its Saudi Arabian rival, author and scholar Nahid Siamdoust of Yale University says Iranian voters delivered an overwhelming endorsement of deeper engagement with the world
DATE: 2017-05-25 | LENGTH: 14:21

Democratic Party NGO Presents Far-Reaching but Problematic Jobs Program
Dean Baker of CEPR discusses problems involving the Center for American Progress's proposal for an ambitious federal jobs guarantee program
DATE: 2017-05-26 | LENGTH: 11:30

Post Brexit Trade Deals - Who Will be the Winners and Losers?
Trade Campaigner Linda Kaucher discusses the dangers that lie ahead for the UK public in Post Brexit Trade deals. Will banks and corporations win at the expense of the population?
DATE: 2017-05-26 | LENGTH: 08:37

Manchester Mourns as the Right Attempts to Tie Labour's Corbyn to Terrorism
Theresa May's dwindling campaign gets the "terror attack" bump considered necessary for a victory on June 8th, while the right attempts to connect Jeremy Corbyn to the memory of the 1996 IRA Manchester bombing, says Richard Seymour of Salvage
DATE: | LENGTH: 09:18

















The Real News Weekly Cartoon by Baltimore's Tom Chalkley


"Corporate Free" Richmond Candidates Moving Up
By Steve Early. This article was first published on Portside. Two Progressive Alliance leaders–city councilors Jovanka Beckles and Gayle McLaughlin–are preparing to run as “corporate free” candidates for higher office.
Since 2004, members of the Richmo...

Steve Early

Exxon Loses Appeal to Keep Auditor Records Secret in Climate Fraud Investigation
By David Hasemyer. This article was first published on Inside Climate News. The documents, held by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, could provide a glimpse into the oil giant's calculations of the business risks posed by climate change. The New York attorney general ...

David Hasemyer

Hunger strike ends, prisoners declare victory
By Ali Abunimah. this article was first published on Electronic Intifada. Palestinians in Gaza City celebrate after hundreds of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails suspended a 40-day hunger strike on 27 May. The end of the ...

Ali Abunimah

Tulsi Gabbard Is Not Your Friend
By Branko Marcetic Tulsi Gabbard is hailed as a progressive champion. But her views on Islam and support for far-right leaders suggest otherwise. Hawaii representative Tulsi Gabbard is announced at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. disneyabc / Flickr Hawaii representative Tulsi ...

Branko Marcetic

Trump's Latest Disastrous Raid Kills More Civilians in Yemen While U.S. Media Obediently Echoes the
By Ben Norton / AlterNet
A human rights group exposes the bloodbath.
Air strike on Sana'a in May 2015
Photo Credit: Ibrahem Qasim/Wikipedia The latest U.S. mi...

Ben Norton

Yet Another Video Shows U.S.-Funded White Helmets Assisting Public Executions in Rebel-Held Syria
By Ben Norton, Max Blumenthal / AlterNet
The shocking regime change scandal mainstream media refuses to touch. Photo Credit: Facebook screencapture Syria Civil Defense, popularly known as the Wh...

Ben Norton and Max Blumenthal


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Reality Asserts Itself - Sabah Alnasseri

On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Alnasseri tells the story of his militant working class family, class struggle in Iraq and the sectarian conflict created by the U.S. invasion

Reality Asserts Itself - Norman Solomon

Norman Solomon of the Bernie Delegates Network says the California fight reflects a much larger struggle within the party between progressives and corporate Democrats

Reality Asserts Itself - Nina Turner

On Reality Asserts Itself, Nina Turner, former Ohio State Senator and leading Bernie Sanders surrogate during the primary, tells host Paul Jay that she grew up poor, believing in the Democratic Party and the Clintons but she came to understand the failure of the Party to serve the needs of the African-American community and poor white workers









Freddie Gray and the Baltimore Uprising
Eddie Conway says that if the riots of 1968 were a 10, the 2015 Baltimore Uprising was a 1.
DATE: 2017-04-28

Will Maryland Pioneer Offshore Wind Farming in America?
Despite a climate-denying federal government, two new offshore wind farms could bring thousands of clean jobs to Maryland's Sparrow's Point
DATE: 2017-04-27

TRNN Replay: The Story of the 2015 Baltimore Uprising Told Through the Voices of the People
The TRNN staff's coverage of the transformative year when the people demanded to be heard
DATE: 2015-12-28

TRNN Replay: What Conditions Gave Rise to the Baltimore Uprising?
Community activists Marisela Gomez, Kimberly Ellis, and Shaquayah McKenzie also discuss the conversations in the media about Black life and Baltimore
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