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  • Baltimore Opens Section 8 Housing Waitlist for First Time in Decade, and One in Ten Residents Apply
    Sun reporter Yvonne Wenger talks about the implications of tens of thousands of Baltimore residents applying for the Section 8 housing program, which subsidizes rent for needy families.

    Oligarchs Consolidate Power in Ukraine after Parliamentary Elections (2/2)
    The elections in Donestk and Lugansk could lead to the resumption of civil war, says Professor Ivan Katchanovski

    The Financialization of Life (6/6)
    Costas Lapavitsas speaks to an audience at The Real News about how finance controls the global economy

    'One Baltimore' Rally Unites Groups Against Privatization
    TRNN's Megan Sherman speaks to labor leaders, activists and low-wage workers who oppose potential plans for privatization of the city's water and other public services, and say the issue is tied to growing crime and poverty in Baltimore

    TRNN Replay: Is Baltimore City's Water Supply Up For Privatization?
    City Hall denies the charge, but workers and advocates say an upcoming water contract could be a foot in the door for privatization

    Oligarchs Consolidate Power in Ukraine after Parliamentary Elections (1/2)
    Professor Ivan Katchanovski says the elections were a victory for new oligarchic parties and the far right

    Baltimore Mayor and City Council Clash Over Police Body Cameras
    Baltimore Sun reporter Yvonne Wenger explains why the Baltimore City Council wants body camera legislation passed immediately, while the administration of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake wants it delayed

    Hedges & Wolin (5/8) - Can Capitalism & Democracy Coexist?
    Political philosopher Sheldon Wolin discusses his time in the academy and the role of universities in post-war United States history

    The Stigma of Welfare in White Working Class America (1/2)
    TRNN Special Report: In the town of Westminster, Maryland, some residents view public assistance as system with pervasive fraud and abuse

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    Ebola: A Disease of Extraordinary Poverty (1/2)
    Public health expert Allyson Pollock explains how poverty, sanitation and infrastructure contribute to Ebola's death toll in West Africa

    What's Behind the Defeat of the Left in Toronto?
    Professor Leo Panitch discusses the appeal of Toronto's conservative mayor-elect and the failure of the left to galvanize the working class

    A Third Intifada on the Horizon?
    Journalist Max Blumenthal discusses the situation in Jerusalem and the reconstruction plans for Gaza

    After Re-election, Rousseff Faces A Conservative Congress in Brazil
    Michael Fox of teleSUR says Dilma's campaign was won by building on Lula's legacy of social inclusion and supporting political reform

    Nuclear Agreement with Iran May Become Midterm Election Fodder in Congress
    Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff to the secretary of state Colin Powell, says there are three different groups of Republicans that would like to see the Iran nuclear deal fail.

    Hedges & Wolin (4/8) - Can Capitalism & Democracy Coexist?
    Journalist Chris Hedges and political philosopher Sheldon Wolin discuss the concept of "inverted totalitarianism" and its relevance for understanding contemporary politics

    Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz: An Indigenous People's History of the United States (3/3)
    Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, author of An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States, discusses the racism of some of America's storied poets and scholars

    The Financialization of Life (5/6)
    Costas Lapavitsas speaks to an audience at The Real News about how finance controls the global economy

    Growing Rift Between US & Turkey Over Arming Kurds
    Baris Karaagac: Ankara remains opposed assisting to PKK-linked Kurdish rebels, whom they consider a terrorist organization

    Reality Asserts Itself see all→

    Culture of the National Security State - Deepa Kumar on Reality Asserts Itself (5/5)
    Dr. Kumar tells Paul Jay that a culture of fear and obedience has developed so we give consent to Cold War policies, to hot wars, to the complete militarization of society
    The Islamophobia of "Homeland" - Deepa Kumar on Reality Asserts Itself (4/5)
    Dr. Kumar tells Paul Jay that Muslim characters on Homeland are either terrorists, sympathizers of terrorists, or "good Muslims" which means pro-US
    Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire - Deepa Kumar on Reality Asserts Itself (3/5)
    Dr. Kumar says the roots of Islamophobia are to be found in a conflict between empires and economic interests, not a clash of civilizations
    Fighting the Demonization of Muslims - Deepa Kumar on Reality Asserts Itself (2/5)
    Dr. Kumar says after 9/11, with the ratcheting up of anti-Muslim racism, she decided she had to do something about it
    Islamophobia and a Challenge to Bill Maher - Deepa Kumar on Reality Asserts Itself (1/5)
    Dr. Kumar tells Paul Jay that what Bill Maher said is a perfect example of liberal Islamophobia
    Gaza Under Siege - Eva Bartlett on Reality Asserts Itself (2/2)
    Eva Bartlett talks about her experiences living in Gaza

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    The Neo-Nazis That Patrol The US-Mexico Border
    A disturbing interview with a member of the \"National Socialist Party...
    Supporters of Fracking Ban Face New Wave of McCarthyism in Denton, Texas
    In Denton, Texas, a college town north of Dallas that sits atop the Ba...
    Monsanto, BigAg Spend Millions Fighting Colorado, Oregon Ballot Measures to Label GMO Foods
    Colorado and Oregon could soon become the first states in the nation t...

    Political Humorsee all →

    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ayn Rand - How Is This Still A Thing?
    Ayn Rand, author of \"Atlas Shrugged\" and \"The Fountainhead\" is sti...
    Sarah Palin -- The Dumbest Climate Criminal Alive?
    Sarah Palin is still pushing her ignorant views on America through the...
    Pentagon Hymn: Bombs n` Bucks
    With the tragic killing of James Foley, it is more apparent that the M...

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