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  • Video: The Revolution Is Being Televised Pt. 1
    by Paul Jay, The more you own, the more you are served and protected

    Who Should Pay for the Costs of Climate Change?
    West Coast Environmental Law Attorney Andrew Gage and EcoEquity Director Tom Athanasiou discuss how corporations and governments can be held accountable

    Thwarted Michigan Bill Aimed At Stopping Community Agreements With Developers Will Return
    Detroit Activist Frank Hammer says though Michigan State Bill 5977 aimed at Detroit's Community Development Ordinance has failed for now, Republicans will likely reintroduce it in 2015

    Die-In for Police Accountability Staged at Baltimore-Area Mall
    Organizers disrupt traffic and shopping at the Towson Mall near Baltimore as actions demanding accountability for police brutality continue nationwide

    DOJ Misses Another Opportunity to Go After Banks
    Bill Black: Obama administration quietly gave a $57 million award to a whistleblower regarding the Countrywide and Bank of America mortgage scandal

    Are You Watching But Not Donating?
    Paul Jay asks everyone who appreciates The Real News to help us in this critical year-end campaign

    Why Did The CIA Really Use Extreme Torture?
    There is fairly good evidence that the prime motive for torture was not 9-11, says Patrick Cockburn the author of The Jihadis Return: ISIS and the New Sunni Uprising

    Will the New Federal Racial Profiling Guidelines have Any Impact? (3/3)
    Incredible scale and racial concentration at the heart of how liberals built a prison America says Naomi Murakawa, the author of The First Civil Right, How Liberals Built Prison America

    42 Billion in Tax Breaks Favoring Corporations Extended
    This is a Christmas present for the tax lobby and Washington insiders, hardly a way to encourage investments with tax incentives, says James Henry, Senior Economist for the Tax Justice Network

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    Identity and Collective Denial - Lia Tarachansky on Reality Asserts Itself (3/3)
    Ms. Tarachansky says Israel is ripping itself apart and fascism is celebrating in the ruins

    Two Books, One Donation
    An Exclusive Gift from The Real News

    Marshall Law: The Life & Times of a Baltimore Black Panther Now Available as a Gift with The Real News
    Donate $100 or more or $10 monthly and receive a copy of this new book

    Community That Halted Murders Plans to Sue Over Ongoing Police Abuse
    Residents of Baltimore's Rose Street Community say they are pursuing legal action against systemic police abuse, even while they have stopped murders in a 77 block radius for months

    Case Filed in European Court Against Bush-Era Torture
    The European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) files case against Bush Administration officials for running a state organized program of torture authorized at the highest levels, says Michael Ratner, chair of ECCHR

    Fracking Opponents Celebrate Key Victories in New Brunswick, Quebec and New York
    Emma Lui of the Council of Canadians talks about the decisions against fracking in the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec, while Eric Weltman of Food & Water Watch talks about New York becoming the second US state to ban fracking

    iMixWhatILike | From South Africa to the United States: The Continuity of Black Consciousness Movements
    Jared Ball hosts legendary emcee and producer Shaheen Ariedien and Dr. Rico Chapman discuss the histories, similarities and mutual impact of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa and the Black Power Movement here in the United States.

    The Revolution Is Being Televised Pt. 2
    by Paul Jay, Resistance is growing, but it's not enough

    The Three Remaining 'Cuban 5' Go Home
    In a historic move bypassing congress, President Obama restores diplomatic relations with Cuba, and in a simultaneous telecast President Raul Castro hails the decision but reminds us that the blockade is still in place, says Michael Ratner of the Center for Constitutional Rights

    Reality Asserts Itself see all→

    Identity and Collective Denial - Lia Tarachansky on Reality Asserts Itself (3/3)
    Ms. Tarachansky says Israel is ripping itself apart and fascism is celebrating in the ruins
    Identity and Collective Denial - Lia Tarachansky on Reality Asserts Itself (2/3)
    Ms. Tarachansky talks about her journey from growing up in a settlement to opposition to the Israeli occupation
    Identity and Collective Denial - Lia Tarachansky on Reality Asserts Itself (1/3)
    Ms. Tarachansky, TRNN Israel - Palestine correspondent and former Israeli settler, tells Paul Jay about her new documentary film, On the Side of the Road
    Why Eddie Conway Joined the Real News - Eddie Conway on Reality Asserts Itself (10/10)
    Mr. Conway says that after 44 years in prison, he found the conditions in Baltimore worse than when he went in
    We Dehumanize Those We Want to Exploit - Eddie Conway on Reality Asserts Itself (9/10)
    Mr. Conway says police are asked by society to control the poor as if they are fighting a war, so anything goes
    Capitalism's Stunning Contradiction
    Economist Richard Wolff says every capitalist tries to systematically reduce wages and then can't sell what wage workers have produced

    Best of the Websee all →

    Goodbye, Stephen Colbert | The New York Times
    On his late night show on Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert made fun of ...
    2014-12-20 12:08:49
    EPA\'s Weak New Rules For Toxic Coal Ash Disposal
    Will Republican Congress push to make rules even weaker in January?: E...
    2014-12-20 11:25:26
    Return of the debtors\' prison? Many still jailed for inability to pay fines
    Cities across the country are increasingly turning to what are known a...
    2014-12-20 11:17:08

    Political Humorsee all →

    Jon Stewart: Rage Against the Rage Against the Machine
    The failure to indict police officers involved in the deaths of unarme...
    2014-12-20 11:37:42
    Recap of Final Week of The Colbert Report
    America experiences a surge in SUV sales, Stephen hosts a yard sale fo...
    2014-12-20 11:33:33
    The Daily Show - Recap - Week of 12/15/14
    Dick Cheney turns out to be a Brony, Mount Rushmore turns Jon on, Jess...
    2014-12-20 11:32:33

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