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Wilkerson: The Hypocrisy of U.S. Syria Policy (2/2)
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss the U.S./Saudi unholy alliance in Syria and a relationship that has distorted development throughout the region
DATE: 2015-11-29 | LENGTH: 14:12

Richard Nixon, Ted Cruz and the Abuse of Power
In the premiere episode of KCRW's "Scheer Intelligence," Truthdig's editor-in-chief sits down with John Dean, the former legal adviser to President Richard Nixon who blew the lid on Watergate scandal.
DATE: 2015-11-29

A Sea of Blood - John Kiriakou on Reality Asserts Itself (6/10)
TRNN Replay: On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Kiriakou and Paul Jay continue their discussion about 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq.
DATE: 2015-04-28 | LENGTH: 28:50

Behind the Music with TRNN's Stephen Janis
In this edition of iMiXWHATiLiKE! Real News journalist and producer Stephen Janis sits down with Jared Ball to discuss his previous career in the music business and his quiet involvement in the creation of several major go-go and hip-hop classics!
DATE: 2015-11-27

The Blind Spots in Alberta's Climate Change Plan
Cameron Fenton of says Alberta's government will fail to keep fossil fuels in the ground despite its new policies supported both by Big Oil and environmental groups
DATE: 2015-11-27 | LENGTH: 06:38

Vulture Capitalists Are the Real Winners of Argentina's Elections
Economist James Henry explains how the new conservative president will make vulture capitalists like Paul Singer turn a $43 million loan into a $1.5 billion return
DATE: 2015-11-27 | LENGTH: 07:50

Why Didn't Bush/Cheney Prevent 9/11? - John Kiriakou on Reality Asserts Itself (5/10)
TRNN Replay: On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Kiriakou and Paul Jay discuss the role of the White House in ignoring the CIA's warning that "something terrible" was coming
DATE: 2015-04-23 | LENGTH: 21:00

Eddie Conway Talks Indigenous People's Day and Political Prisoners
Eddie Conway, Real News host and producer, talks about his perspective of "Thanksgiving" as a former political prisoner and current community activist.
DATE: 2015-11-25 | LENGTH: 07:07

Indigenous Peoples' History is More Complicated Than a Holiday Myth
Tara Houska, tribal rights attorney and co-founder of, discusses often omitted nuances of Indigenous peoples' history and outlines some current struggles being waged
DATE: 2015-11-25 | LENGTH: 05:48

The Iraqi Pissing Match - John Kiriakou on RAI (4/10)
TRNN Replay: On Reality Asserts Itself, former CIA offical Mr. Kiriakou says that the Iraq War was motivated by the Bush administration wanting to send a message - no regime can defy U.S. power and survive
DATE: 2015-04-21 | LENGTH: 17:26

Turkey's Intentions Behind the Downing of a Russian Jet
Trent University's Baris Karaagac explains why Turkey would risk a close business relationship with Russia and assist Islamic extremists in Syria
DATE: 2015-11-25 | LENGTH: 08:15

Policing on Trial as Freddie Gray Case Set to Begin
Critics say cases against six cops can't remedy decades of aggressive tactics and flawed policy
DATE: 2015-11-25 | LENGTH: 16:24
















Is America Powerless to Stop Pfizer Merger?
Pfizer-Allergan deal will create world's largest pharmaceutical company, higher drug prices, and hundreds of millions in lost tax revenue, but economist James Henry explains why Congress is turning a blind eye
DATE: 2015-11-25 | LENGTH: 08:38

The Unbreakable Spirit of Gilmor Homes
As Holidays Approach, TRNN correspondent 7 year-old Zacheriah Barber explores the strength and power of the long suffering community where Freddie Gray died.
DATE: 2015-11-25 | LENGTH: 06:30

My Reports on 1995 Human Rights Abuses in Bahrain Ignored by State Department - John Kiriakou on Reality Asserts Itself (3/10)
TRNN Replay: On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Kiriakou tells Paul Jay that from Iraq to Bahrain, it was becoming clear to him that commercial interest, particularly arms sales, was driving U.S. policy in the Middle East
DATE: 2015-04-19 | LENGTH: 13:32

Wilkerson: The Hypocrisy of U.S. Syria Policy (1/2)
As Putin visits Iran, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss the U.S./Saudi alliance in Syria and a relationship shrouded in secrecy
DATE: 2015-11-24 | LENGTH: 08:06

"Being a Founding White Father Ain't What It Used To Be:" Student Protests on College Campuses
Glen Ford, executive editor and founder of Black Agenda Report, says that student protests around the world against racist legacies of former leaders and a lack of diversity at their universities speaks to a resurgence of old political struggles
DATE: 2015-11-24 | LENGTH: 08:12

Days of Revolt: Militarizing Education
In this episode of teleSUR's Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges discusses the militarization of institutions for higher education with journalist Alexa O'Brien, in order to uncover the trail of money and influence that leads from the national security state to college programs.
DATE: 2015-11-24 | LENGTH: 26:22


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The Real Trouble With Bernie
By Andrew Levine. This article was first published on Counterpunch. Sanders’ leftwing critics don’t get it: the trouble with Bernie is not that he can’t win or that his “socialism” is warmed over mid-century liberalism, or that, like ...

Andrew Levine

Oil Jobs Lost: 250.000 And Counting, Texas Likely To See Massive Layoffs Soon
By Charles Kennedy of

Crude oil just capped off a third straight week of declines, as WTI nears the $40 per barrel threshold. Goldman Sachs is once again raising the possibility of oil dipping ...

Charles Kennedy

Declare Victory, Come Home
By Stanley Cohen. I have no idea who was involved in the latest atrocity in Paris, the Russian airplane bombing in the Sinai, the attacks in South Beirut or recent siege in Mali, but I'm pretty sure there will be ...

Stanley Cohen

Alberta Climate Announcement Puts End to Infinite Growth of Oilsands
By James Wilt. This article was first published on Desmoblog. The days of infinite growth in Alberta’s oilsands are over with the Alberta government’s blockbuster climate change announcement on Sunday, which attracted broad support from industry and ...

James Wilt

The Realism of Audacity: Rethinking Revolutionary Strategy Today
By Panagiotis Sotiris. This article was first published on Socialist Project. In a certain way, I feel a certain unease since the entire Greek Left has some form of responsibility for the fact that Greece is not currently a la...

Panagiotis Sotiris

Snowden Reveals Obama Ordered NSA and CIA to Spy on Venezuela
By Charles Davis and Andrew Fishman. This article was first published on teleSUR The U.S. National Security Agency accessed the internal communications of Venezuela's state-owned oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela and acquired sensitive data it planned to ...

Charles Davis and Andrew Fishman


Reality Asserts Itself - Chris Hedges

Paul Jay asks Chris Hedges if the Pope's rhetoric on climate change and capitalism is a positive force or a dangerous illusion

Reality Asserts Itself - Thomas Drake

On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Drake, a former Senior Executive at the National Security Agency, says he was targeted by the NSA because he exposed that the agency had intel that could have prevented the 9/11 attacks and because he blew the whistle on a massive secret surveillance program aimed at Americans

Reality Asserts Itself - Catarina Principe

On Reality Asserts Itself, Ms. Principe talks about growing up in Portugal expecting the promise of the social state to be fulfilled, and becoming an activist in the fight against forces dismantling the achievements of the Portuguese revolution


Policing on Trial as Freddie Gray Case Set to Begin
Critics say cases against six cops can't remedy decades of aggressive tactics and flawed policy
DATE: 2015-11-25

MD Among Lowest Number of Hate Crimes in the Nation
Latest FBI report shows state relatively hate crime free, but some question stats
DATE: 2015-11-22

Towson President Agrees to Students' Demands After Eight-Hour Occupation
Administration says diversity will be addressed but concerns remain over hostility and racial equity on campus
DATE: 2015-11-20

"They Think They've Won"
TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with Earl Richardson, Former President of Morgan State University and Kenneth Morgan, Assistant Professor at Coppin State University about the ongoing struggle to achieve equity for HBCUs.
DATE: 2015-11-20

Cancer-Causing Processed Meats Largely Affect Low Income Neighborhoods
According to a recent WHO study, processed meats cause cancer - but in many Baltimore neighborhoods, that's the only food that's available.
DATE: 2015-11-20

NAACP Plans March in Pocomoke
State and Worcester county branches aim for show of strength as city continues to fire black police officers
DATE: 2015-11-16



Thanksgiving At Guantanamo
2015-11-28 15:57:36

Don't Buy S**t: Great Anti-Capitalist Black Friday Rant
2015-11-27 13:45:37

The Arab-Jewish Peace Song (w English subtitles)
2015-11-27 12:43:02

Spike Lee Talks "Chi-Raq", Gun Control and Video of Laquan McDonald Police Shooting
2015-11-26 12:59:29

A Tribe Called Red: Indigenous Electronic Music Confronts Colonialism & Racist Images
2015-11-26 12:57:11

Viral Video: Love Over Fear demo in Montreal subway
2015-11-26 12:39:06


Happy Worldwide-Travel-Alerts-Giving
2015-11-27 12:54:34

Thanksgiving Is The Most Politically Divisive Meal Of The Year
2015-11-27 12:49:00

Native Americans Review Thanksgiving Storybooks
2015-11-26 12:08:53

8 Comebacks for Transphobic Relatives Over the Holidays
2015-11-26 11:57:57

Obama Takes Jab at Republican Presidential Candidates During Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon
2015-11-26 11:48:41

Everything You Know About Thanksgiving is WRONG
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